Blogging myths you should care about

Okay, here are some REAL blogging myths:

  1. People will actually read your blog.
  2. You'll reach your target audience.
  3. You'll have meaningful conversations.
  4. Your blog will help you get a job.

In all cases, the answer is NO.

If you want to blog just because you like writing, that's a great option. But blogging is not about popularity. There are exceptions, of course, like Julia Evans. But your chances of gaining that kind of audience are close to zero.

A blog is like any other product. "Build it and they will come" no longer works — you need excellent marketing to get people to notice you and start reading. If you're a mediocre marketer (like most technical people), don't set yourself unrealistic expectations.

You spent a week writing an excellent, detailed, clear technical article — and only got a few dozen views? This is typical. If that bothers you, then blogging is not for you.

Of course, no one will comment. Share with others? Pffft.

Your true audience (those who care) is about 1% of your subscribers. 1000 followers on Twitter? Your audience is 10 people. 10000 email subscribers? 100 people.

Yes, there are exceptions. No, you should not hope to be one of them.

The conclusion is simple. If you are willing to write a blog for yourself, it will bring joy and benefit. But if you hope for an audience, it will bring pain and disappointment.

That's just the way it is for us average bloggers.

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