Caching slow functions in Python

Suppose you wrote a function that returns the user's email:

def get_user_email(user_id):
    user = find_by_id(user_id)
    return user["email"]

But there is a problem. find_by_id() calls a terribly slow legacy system:

def find_by_id(user_id):
    # simulate a slow network request,
    # returning a user by their id
    return { "email": "..." }

100 calls for get_user_email(42) result in 100 slow requests. A single one should be quite enough, so let's attach a simple cache:

cache = {}

def get_user_email(user_id):
    if user_id not in cache:
        user = find_by_id(user_id)
        cache[user_id] = user["email"]
    return cache[user_id]

Nothing too complicated (apart from the issue of cache expiration, let's not touch it). But imagine that there are a lot of slow functions, and you have to implement caching for every one of them. Not too inspiring.

Fortunately, there is an @lru_cache decorator in the functools module. That's what we need. Add one line to the original function, and be done with it:

def get_user_email(user_id):
    user = find_by_id(user_id)
    return user["email"]

Now repeated calls to get_user_email() with the same user_id return the cached result without requesting find_by_id().

Don't write your own cache
Don't write your own cache...
Use functools @lru_cache
Use functools @lru_cache instead!

@lru_cache automatically evicts old entries from the cache when there are more than maxsize entries. So the cache won't eat up all the memory.

Python 3.9 received another decorator — @functools.cache. It's similar to @lru_cache, only without the cache entry limit (which makes it work a little faster).

One can manage the cache — view hits/misses stats or clean it:

# cache management

stats = get_user_email.cache_info()
# CacheInfo(hits=2, misses=3, maxsize=256, currsize=3)

# CacheInfo(hits=0, misses=0, maxsize=256, currsize=0)

The cache works in-process and will die with it. So if you need something more scalable, look at Redis or other external cache.


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