SQL Polyglot

Have you ever struggled to find out if a database supports a particular SQL syntax? Or maybe you wanted to compare two DB engines in terms of their support for certain SQL features?

If so, you might find the SQL Polyglot — an online tool I've built — useful. Write a SQL query and see it executed in multiple DBMSs without leaving your browser:

SQL Polyglot
Write a query and execute it on the selected databases simultaneously.

SQL Polyglot supports the following database systems:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • SQL Server
  • MariaDB
  • ClickHouse / chDB
  • DuckDB

The SQL standard has lots of features, so I've made predefined examples for some of them. You can use these instead of writing a query from scratch:

Query examples
Write a new query or select one from the list.

It's particularly interesting to compare the database engines that target similar use cases, such as MySQL vs MariaDB or ClickHouse vs DuckDB. And you might be surprised how similar PostgreSQL and SQLite can sometimes be! (in fact, the SQLite team sometimes even uses PostgreSQL test suites for better compatibility)

In any case, I encourage you to give SQL Polyglot a try:

SQL Polyglot


P.S. SQL Polyglot is powered by codapi — an open source tool I'm building. Use it to embed live code snippets into your product docs, online course or blog.

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