SQLite playground with extensions

Sqlime is an open source SQLite playground for debugging and sharing SQL snippets.

It runs a real SQLite instance in the browser and supports most of its features, including standard functions: general purpose, date/time, math, aggregation and windows.

SQLite has fewer of these functions than PostgreSQL, for example. That's why I have a whole separate project — Sqlean — dedicated to adding the missing ones.

Full-featured SQLite in the browser, now with additional functions.

What I always wanted was to bring the two together and make Sqlean's extensions available in Sqlime. And I've finally done it! Now Sqlime offers over 70 additional functions from the following domain modules:

  • crypto: Hashing, encoding and decoding data
  • define: User-defined functions and dynamic SQL
  • fuzzy: Fuzzy string matching and phonetics
  • ipaddr: IP address manipulation
  • regexp: Regular expressions
  • stats: Math statistics
  • text: Advanced string functions
  • uuid: Universally Unique IDentifiers

Give it a try!

Try the playground  or view the functions

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