SQLite package manager and registry

Given the vast amount of SQLite extensions, it's only logical to have an extension registry and a package manager.

So today I'm launching both! Meet sqlpkg — the (unofficial) SQLite extension hub and package manager.

The nice thing about the extension hub is that it does not require the package manager. Just find the package on the website, download it for your operating system, and install as usual.

Extension hub
For starters, I've added about 60 extensions that I've tried myself.

And the nice thing about the package manager is that it does not require the use of the registry. All you need is a package spec file, which can be hosted anywhere on the Internet or even placed locally.

Package manager
Package manager works like `pip` in Python or `brew` in macOS.

To make the package manager work with already existing extensions (which of course are completely unaware of its existence), I wrote spec files for many of them. So you can start using sqlpkg right away, without waiting for the extension authors to catch up.

I hope you find both tools useful.

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