SQL and data

Working with data in SQL.

SQLite 3.45: Interactive release notes

JSONB has landed.

SQL Polyglot

Try a query anywhere from PostgreSQL to DuckDB.

Trying chDB, an embeddable ClickHouse engine

A lightweight in-process SQL OLAP engine, powered by ClickHouse.

SQLite 3.44: Interactive release notes

Order by in aggregates, better string concatenation, and thorough date formatting.

Interactive FerretDB Tutorial

Learn the basics of FerretDB - a drop-in replacement for MongoDB that uses PostgreSQL or SQLite as a backend.

Upsert in SQL

Inserting and updating data with a single query.

SQL join flavors

The many faces of JOIN in SQL.

I don't need your query language

Seriously, I don't. I'd prefer SQL.

Covering index in SQL

Allows executing queries without touching the table.

SQL recipe: Compare with neighbors

Calculate the difference between each record and the previous or next one.


According to the standard, we should use be using FETCH.

SQL recipe: Segmenting data

Assigning each record to a specific segment based on the value of one or more columns.

SQL Cheat Sheet

For those who knew SQL, but kinda forgot it.

SQL recipe: Ranking records

Assigning a rank to each row based on the value of one or more columns.

Rolling aggregates with SQL window functions

Moving averages, cumulative totals and other sliding aggregates.

Aggregating data with SQL window functions

Comparing individual values with totals and averages.

Interactive SQL examples in JavaScript

Turn static SQL code in your articles into executable examples.

Comparing by offset with SQL window functions

Comparing records with neighbors and boundaries.

Ranking data with SQL window functions

Making ratings and dividing data into partitions.

Why use SQL window functions

To build great analytical reports without Excel or Pandas.

SQL Window Functions Explained [book]

A clear and visual introduction to window functions in SQL.

Common table expressions in SQL

Use them instead of subqueries.

The ultimate SQLite extension set

Regexes, math, file IO and over 100 other functions.

What's new in SQLite 3.37

Strict tables, any type and a new pragma.

Data visualization guide

CC-licensed design guide for presentations, reports, and dashboards.