ChatGPT bot in Python

A Telegram chatbot that works via the official OpenAI API.

JSON Lines

CSV on steroids.

Expressive ellipsis in Python

What is Ellipsis and how it is used.

Flying pig, or protocols in Python

Structural subtyping using protocols.

Random numbers and sequences in Python

There is much more than just randint()

Compact objects in Python

Tuple vs dataclass, until numpy interferes

Python standard library changes in recent years

17 modules with new and improved features.

Page iterator in Python

Traverse dataset in pages for faster batch processing.

Caching slow functions in Python

With @lru_cache and @cache from the functools module

How Python list works

And why some methods take constant time while others take linear.

How to make an awesome Python package

The one to be proud of.

Automate your Python project with Makefile

Makefile is not just some relict from the 70s.