Designing and implementing programs.

UUIDv7 in 33 languages

From JavaScript to Zig, no third-party dependencies.

LLMs are insecure

There is no way around it.

Grep by example: Interactive guide

Interactive introduction to grep with real-world use cases.

Git by example: Interactive guide

Interactive introduction to Git with real-world use cases.

I'm a programmer and I'm stupid

But it kind of works.

Try X in Y minutes

Get a quick taste of your next $thing by studying interactive examples in the browser.

Code playground visualizations

Presenting playground output in a visual manner.

In-browser code playgrounds

Embed and run interactive code snippets entirely in your browser, no server required.

Interactive code cells

Like Jupyter notebooks, but for any language.

Trying chDB, an embeddable ClickHouse engine

A lightweight in-process SQL OLAP engine, powered by ClickHouse.

Interactive code examples for fun and profit

Using code playgrounds in documentation, teaching and blogging.

Curl by example: Interactive guide

Interactive step-by-step guide to essential curl operations.

API tutorials beyond OpenAPI

Let's write the docs like it's 2023.

Writing a package manager

Without spending a year on it.

Trying Odin (with a playground)

A simple and powerful alternative to C.

Speed of algorithms (with cats)

Analyzing fast and slow algorithms with silly cat examples.

Storing state in the URL

So that the app does not reset to zero after page refresh.

Good code criteria

Optimize T, keep an eye on R.