Base64 and other encodings in SQLite

Encoding binary data into a textual representation and vice versa.

AI SQLite Assistant

Ask AI to explain or troubleshoot your SQL query in a playground.

Interactive SQL Examples in JavaScript

Turn static SQL code in your articles into executable examples.

Reading and Writing Files in SQLite

Working with files and traversing directories from SQL.

Building a Pivot Table in SQLite

Three ways to create a pivot table in plain SQL.

Regular Expressions in SQLite

Use a robust pattern matching and text replacement tool from SQL.

User-Defined Functions in SQLite

Write functions in plain SQL.

Common Table Expressions in SQL

Use them instead of subqueries.

Temporary tables in SQLite

For faster exploratory data analysis.

JSON and virtual columns in SQLite

Faster JSON handling in a relational database.

Generated columns in SQLite

Simplify queries without storing additional data.

Multi-line queries in SQLite shell

How to edit a big query without leaving the CLI

SQLite CLI command history

Search for the query instead of typing it by hand.

The Ultimate SQLite Extension Set

Regexes, math, file IO and over 100 other functions.

What's new in SQLite 3.37

Strict tables, any type and a new pragma.

SQLite playground in the browser

I have built an online SQL playground with vanilla JS and a bit of GitHub API. Here's how.

SQLite is not a toy database

Here is why SQLite is a perfect tool for you - whether you are a developer, data analyst, or geek.

How to create a 1M record table with a single query

With recursive CTE and randomized data.

SQLite is not so easy to compile

But with GitHub Actions it is.

What's new in SQLite 3.35

Math functions, column removal and RETURNING clause.